Annual Return

Annual return is the return an investment provides over a period of time, expressed as a time-weighted annual percentage. Sources of returns can include dividends, returns of capital and capital appreciation. The charitable company’s annual return last submission date is 13 November each year. Other company’s annual return date is 31 December each year.

The annual return should be delivered a Form NAR1 to the Registrar of Companies (“the Registrar”) for registration once in every year within 42 days after the date of the company’s Annual General Meeting according to section 109 of the Predecessor Ordinance (i.e. the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32) as in force from time to time before the commencement date of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)).

Annual Return Fee:

Within 42 days after the AGM $105
Within  3 months after the AGM $870
Within 6 months after the AGM $1,740
Within 9 months after the AGM $2,610
More than 9 months after the AGM $3,480
More than 1 year after the AGM (Summon to the court) Penalty

 Annual Return Submission

Annual Return 2018-19 Running
Annual Return 2017-18 Not Submitted
Annual Return 2016-17 Not Submitted
Annual Return 2015-16 Submitted Download
Annual Return 2014-15 Submitted Download
Annual Return 2013-14 Submitted Download
Annual Return 2012-13 Submitted Download
Annual Return 2011-12 () Submitted Download

Audited Financial Statement:

The organization’s financial statement should be prepared before submission of Annual Return. The Annual Return is filled by according to the information of Audited Financial Statement. The Audited Financial Statement and the Annual Return is submitted together.

Financial Statement Submission

Financial Report 2018-19 Running
Financial Report 2017-18 Not Submitted
Financial Report 2016-17 Submitted Download
Financial Report 2015-16 Submitted Download
Financial Report 2014-15 Submitted Download
Financial Report 2013-14 Submitted Download
Financial Report 2012-13 Submitted Download
Financial Report 2011-12 Submitted Download

Change of Secretary/Directors:

Kirat Rai Association Hong Kong has 7 directors and 1 corporate secretary. The directors will be the first 7 body of the elected executive committee members according to the chapter 7, section 1 of association’s “Bidhan” and a secretary will be elected by the directors.

According to the Company Ordinance (Chapter 622), change of directors should deliver a Form ND2A  “Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director (Appointment╱Cessation)” to report the appointment of directors or cessation to act as directors within 15 days after the appointment or cessation for registration.

Name Appointed-Resigned Remarks
RAI KAMAL 25/03/18 New (Not Registered)
RAI PABITA 25/03/18 New (Not Registered)
RAI CHANDRAKA 25/03/18 New (Not Registered)
RAI GANGA RAM 12/04/16- Active – Director
RAI GAJENDRA BAHADUR 12/04/16- Active – Director
RAI AJAY 12/04/16- Active – Director
RAI HARICHANDRA 12/04/16- Active – Director
GURUNG & SUM BUSINESS SOLUTION LTD. 09/08/11- Active – Secretary
RAI YUKPRASAD 12/04/16-25/03/18 Past – Director
RAI BIMAL 09/08/11-25/03/18 Past – Director
RAI LALPARSAD 09/08/11-25/03/18 Past – Director
RAI PITAMBAR 09/08/11-12/04/16 Past – Director
RAI SHASHI MADAN 09/08/11-12/04/16 Past – Director
RAI KISAN 09/08/11-12/04/16 Past – Director

Change of Registered Office:

A Form Form NR1 must be delivered to the Companies Registry to change the registered office within 15 days after the change.

Kirat Rai Association Hong Kong Limited
Room 9, 2/F, Hop Yik Commercial Center,
33 Hop Choi Street, Yuen Long,

Authorization Letter

Failure to file Annual Return for the year and Financial Statement within the proscribed time causes summon to the court. If the summon arise at the court and need to go to hearing for summon an Authorization letter on the company’s letter head will be need. Here is a sample Authorized Letter.