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The Kirat Rai are one of the prominent indigenous people of Nepal with a servable  population predominantly living in Majhkirat or Khambuwan, this ancestral place, with include Bhoupur, Khotang, Dingla, Okhaldhunga and sulukhumbu districts of the Eastern Nepal. Besides, Kirat Rais are also found in other parts of Nepal including the Kathmandu valley. In recent years, like other ethnic communities of Nepal , specially the young have been going aboard in search of livelihood or for other purpose due to adverse political and economic condition of the country .


The Kirat Rai Association Hong Kong (KRAHK) was founded on 28 January 1998 to congregate all the Kirat Rais who have been permanent or provisional inhabitants of Hong Kong and promote and advance the linguistic, religion, script, art and culture of this race, encourage them and provide direction for them move forward in various aspects of social relations, developing relationships and ties among various ethnic groups, social organizations and other institutions.

Charity Institution:

Later in 9 August 2011 Kirat Rai Association Hong Kong is incorporated under the company ordinance (Chapter 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong) as a Limited Company and got award as a Charitable institution in 19 Mar 2012 from IRD, which is exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong.

CR NO: 1656944
BR NO: 58919948-000
FOUNDED: 09/08/2011
CHARITY: 19/03/2012


  • Make unity among all the Kirat Rais in Hong Kong;
  • Provide mutual cooperation and assistance should any disastrous event occur among the Kirat Rai community;
  • To be engaged in promotion and protection of the language, religion, script, art and culture of the Kirat Rais;
  • To maintain ties with different ethnicities, religious groups and communities to actively identify the Kirat Rais and initiate social harmony and unity;
  • Build up gracious relationships among the various social organizations in Hong Kong; and
  • Encourage and provide guidelines in order to enhance the educational qualifications, involvement in social work, and vocational competency of all Kirat Rais to make them more civilized and advance.

Ethnic community:

Unlike other ethnic communities, Kirat Rais are multilingual and multi cultural people a unique characteristic of their own. The saying ” Ten Rais with ten (different) sub castes and ten languages but on fire place ” truly reflects this unique characteristic of Kirat Rais. Not only in Nepal but abroad also Kirat Rais are striving to explore, preserve and protect their history, language, literature, culture, scripture and religion through their ethnic organization Kirat Rai Yayokkha. The Kirat Rai Association Hong Kong (KRAHK) has been working for the same purpose since its establishment.

Contact Address:

Kirat Rai Association Hong Kong Limited
Lot No. : 2095 IN D.D. 102, Ki Lung Tsuwn, Santin, Yuen Long N.T. Hong Kong.
Tel: 2889 4721, Fax: 2889 4737

Bank Account:

Bank Name: Bank of East Asia
Beneficiary: Kirat Rai Association Hong Kong Limited.
Bank A/C: 523-40-400407-0

Certificate of incorporation


Certificate of Charity


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छोटकरीमा किराया हङकङ बारेमा :

किराया स्थापना : 28 Jan 1998
सामुहिक चुला स्थापना : 28 Jan 2005
च्यारिटेबल मान्यता : 19 Mar 2012
धामी नियुक्ति : 06 Apr 2014
चुलाघर खरिद : 20 Jan 2016
अधिवेशन 10औं : 25 Mar 2018
अध्यक्षहरु : 7औं अध्यक्ष
बिभागहरु : 15 वटा
भाषिक संस्थाहरु : 8 वटा
परिषदहरु : ७ वटा

सेवामुलक कार्यहरु :
संस्कार सेवा : गर्भ, जन्म, नौरान, पास्नी, छेवर, बिबाह, मृत्यु संस्कार
पुजा सेवा : चुलापुजा, न्वगी, चुलादर्शन, चुलाग्रहण, गृहपुजा , ब्यावसायपुजा
प्रर्दशनी : झाँकि, साकेला शिलि, भेषभुषा, गरगहना, खानपान
चाड पर्वहरु : उभौली, उधौली, साउने संक्राती, माघे संक्रानी

बार्षिक कार्यक्रमहरु :
कार्यक्रमहरु : यलम्बर साँझ, खेलकुद प्रतियोगिता
दिवसहरु : येलेदुङ, स्थापना दिवस, तयमाखियमा दिवस
प्रकाशन : यलम्बर स्मारिका, kiratrai.org

भावि कार्यहरु :
ऐतिहासिक निमार्ण : सुम्निमा पारुहाङको मुर्ती, वाबुक भएको प्रवेश दुवार, तयामा खियामा, रैछाकुलेको मुर्ति, यलम्बरको ताम्रचित्र निर्माण।
संकलन/संरक्षण : शिलि संरक्षण, तथ्याङक संकलन, मौलिक सामाग्री संकलन।
सुबिधा निर्माण : पार्टि प्यालेस, परिवर्तनीय कोठा, भिआईपि शयनकक्ष आदि।

भाषिक संगठनहरु